Review Policy

I like to review and rate on a 5 stars system,

5 stars- I loved this book every second I was reading. I highly recommend it and will not stop raving about it continually for days, possibly weeks after finishing it.

4 stars- This was a well written novel, and I enjoyed it for most, if not all of the storyline. Although It maybe had a minor component(s) missing (such as character development, or plotholes, etc…), I would still recommend, and continue reading if in a series.

3 stars- A book that I was able to finish, but didn’t particularly enjoy because of Plotholes, character underdevelopment, etc…. I may not continue with this author and/or series, and I will unlikely widely recommend this novel.

2 stars- A book that was difficult to finish, either because of character or plot complications.

1 star-  I could not finish the book, and am unlikely to pick it up again.

I am happy to accept books to read and review on my blog, as well as on my Goodreads page and even occasionally on my Instagram. However, contacting me does not guarantee that I will be able to read and review a book. I do my best, but I am also a full-time student.

I prefer to receive print books, and the genres I enjoy the most are:

YA Dystopian

YA Contemparies

YA Fantasy

YA Mystery/Thriller

YA Paranormal

Thank you for reading